The Original Danger Seeker

The Invitations Are Real, The Party Is Not

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Drawing on inspiration and experience from a wide range of scenes including UK Bass, Breaks, Jungle, Electro, Garage, and more, Debasser follows up singles ‘Separation Anxiety’ and ‘Bad Behaviour’ with his second long-player ‘The Invitations are Real, The Party is Not’ via his WIDE Recordings imprint in June.

Lead track ‘Bad Behaviour’ harks back to the fertile ground of early Jungle & Drum & Bass, while ‘Separation Anxiety’ brings ravey stabs and sharp breakbeats to the table. ‘Funny Noises’ leans on electro stylings around bombastic 303 work, and ‘Pork Scratchings’ sees a dose of the absurd with entertaining vocals atop raw, mechanical instrumentals.

‘One Sock Saturday’ gets gritty with a robust 4/4 pattern over bleeps and warped bass, leading into the bright and airy ‘Parodise Lost’ before ‘Humpty’ heads back into heavy territory with wobbling bass and vocal cuts. Offering some calm amidst the storm, ‘Through The Woods’ marries swirling ambience with clicky percussion and fluttering synths, before ‘A Little Rough’ ups the tempo once more, running delayed piano stabs over rough low end and breakneck drums to close out the album..

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